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Best Smartphones for Sale with Top Rating, Reviews and Buying Tips


Smartphones come in a variety of specs and lots of different features, there are few very important things to notice when buying smartphones, some features cannot be ignored whether if you are an average or advance user. Listed below are few things to check before making a purchase.

Screen Size and Display is one of the most important things to check, there are different types of displays and each has unique qualities, famous types are IPS-LCD for liquid-crystal displays which were in older versions of LCD screened devices, TFT-LCD known as a thin-film transistor which are the advanced version for LCD screens devices, OLED known as a light-emitting diode which is presently the latest technology for newer mobile devices.

Related to the display is the Resolution, there is HD which 720p, FullHD (FHD) which 1080p, QuadHD (QHD) which is 1440p.

Screen Protection is very important nowadays and it’s better to get the phone which has the superior screen protection like, Asahi Dragontrail that is durable but some judge that gorilla glass is better and it is the second popular brand with the manufacturers, Gorilla glass is durable but may get scratches, Sapphire is harder but not stronger always it is less likely to get scratches. Gorilla glass comes in different types like gorilla glass 3 or gorilla glass 5, consider to research about its newest type.

Brand choice is very important as you may need to get the brand which is consistently updating their models and coming up with upgraded devices. Some brands discontinue mobile phone production due to lack of success, the most famous brands always keeps their product constant and may always remain active in their marketing and advertisement.

Features check is a must as you may want to get a phone which has all the updated features and capabilities. Specs are vital for your smartphone performance that is why always consider reading them before getting the phone, for tech professionals Specs always matters. The most important features are listed below.

The operating system which differs in different brands, the most famous these days are Android OS which is constantly bringing changes and stability and each year they bring a newer operating system with upgraded and additional features, Stock Android which is a generic version like android os vanilla, it is the base version and is non-modified that is specially designed for old devices, iOS is an operating system which is developed by Apple for their devices and mostly built for devices like Apple iPhone, iMac or any other Apple device like apple watch.

Smartphone design is an important consideration as it comes in different forms, these days there are dual screens, single screen, with a thin body, with a notch or without a notch and foldable which can become tablet-sized. Bigger brands are trying to experiment with producing higher quality foldable smartphones and some brands like Samsung have already achieved massive success.

Smartphone Body comes in different types and each has their unique strength and weakness like, Plastic Body which comes in the low end to mid-range devices but may also be for high-end models, it is not as strong as metal but is durable nowadays and is much lighter than other metallic body devices, Metal Body such as aluminum is also famous in mid-range and high-end models, it gives a sense of higher quality in devices and many people consider getting this type of smartphone body, Glass Body is nowadays quite famous, it sometimes comes as a mixture with plastic and metallic frame devices, some modern smartphones have a glass body in the backside of the phone and it gives a shiny look and premium feel.

Audio/speakers and sound quality is a must as these days everyone is dependent on multimedia that is why audio and volume checks must be done, the latest smartphones have many audio features like surround sound and customizable bass.

Phone Camera features check is very important as these days taking a pic and recording a video is not only a habit but also a trend, Smartphones these days comes in variety and have different Camera Video Recording features, there is, 720p, 1080p, and latest 4K and 8K recording available.

Performance and Speed matters that is why Device Processor or CPU is one of the most important ones to look for, there are different processors for each brand and model, CPU speed is considered from its main frequency and core version and number, these days the best ones are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and the Samsung Exynos 9820, Huawei Kirin 990 is also a popular choice. Each Smartphone has different CPU power and features, these days high-end devices have multiple cores and advanced technology like Tri-Cluster CPU and CPU Clocking. CPU power these days is measured in GHz, like 2.2Ghz

GPU which called the graphics processing unit is very important to check especially if you are in a profession where video simulation and graphic performance is a common thing like 3D designers and Professional Gamers. Gpu power these days are in MHZ like 650Mhz

RAM which means random access memory is another important factor to look for as Ram gives capabilities to smoothly open and run multiple applications if you are used to switching and run between multiple apps then consider getting the highest device ram, ram capacity these days is known as in Gigabytes like 2GB, 4Gb, 6GB or 8GB, etc.

Sensor Technology is also important to check especially if you are looking for advanced features like fingerprint sensors which are for reading your fingerprints to use special features like fingerprint sign-in and passwordless login, Accelerometer which detects movement, vibration, and tilt, gyroscope which detects complex orientation like rotation and axes like up or down and left or right, light sensor, proximity sensor which detects if the phone is currently in use or if the phone is at face for making a taking a call, it may also block unwanted inputs, magnetometer which is used in conjunction with GPS for location purposes like magnetic north, and the infrared sensor which is for recognizing the gestures and user movements, also infrared technology is used for file transfer.

Connectivity is very important as you may need a phone which can connect with your existing devices, like PC, TV, and Printer machines or any other device which has Bluetooth. The latest smartphones have advanced connectivity like push streaming and Bluetooth pairing, Smart TV connectivity, and Pairing between smart devices for data sharing.

Sim Card Slot and Sim type are important to check as some of the phones have older sim card slot type, these days the nano and micro sim are the famous ones.

Bloatware is the apps that come pre-installed and some are not even used, they are pre-installed by the phone manufacturer as a must-use app, the brands have agreements and deals with these application developers for making their apps a part of phone brand for mutual benefits. Many famous bloatware apps are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or FM radio

Headphones and Headphone slot is important to check, mostly they come with phone box but some of the brands might not sell headphones with their device, so better look for a smartphone which has headphones included in a box otherwise you may need to buy them additionally, Headphone’s jack is important to check as nowadays there are different types of headphone slots like audio jack, headphone jack, and these days the USB ports like USB-C are the famous ones.

Phone Battery Life and Battery Type is very important to look for as there are different battery types and capacities. Common types of batteries are Nickel-cadmium (NiCd), NiMH (NiMH), Lithium-ion (Li-ion), and Lithium Polymer (Li-pol) batteries are the most popular ones these days in smartphones. Battery capacity is measured in milliamp Hour mAh like 3500mAh or 5000mAh.

Fast Charging and Wireless Charging is another interesting feature to look for as it might be a little easier if you do not have to connect charging cable with your phone for charging it, many wireless charging phones have fast charging available which charges phone rapidly and devices may get more than half battery in 30 mins or less, fast charging is also available with mid-range phones with or without wireless charging support. These days different governments are installing wireless charging benches in their cities. Wireless charging gives extra comfort and is a great feature to have especially if you are a heavy phone user and need to charge it frequently.

Storage capacity is very important these days as the modern application is always taking extra space on each update that is why Internal Storage is important, consider getting a phone which has more than 100GB as internal storage, with higher expansion capacity as External Storage. These days phones have from 32GB to 512GB and an average of 128GB of internal storage, many devices have external storage expansion to 1Terabyte(TB) or more.

Phone release date and age is important to know as the phone durability depends on them, many phones which are released in past years got deprecated due to older technologies and are replaced with a newer version, older devices usually mal-functions because old devices may no longer be compatible with newer software versions and advanced phone application.

Security Features is a must to check as you may need a phone which can secure your personal information and data, some important security features are Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, Pin Pattern input.

Phone Carriers must be checked as some phones purchased from an online store may not be compatible with your network carrier, so better look for a suitable device that may cover your countries phone carriers.

Screen Protector and Phone Case is a must to have, as many people buy expansive smartphones, and most likely they are going to drop it someday and that will damage the screen and phone body, so considering putting both for durability.

Phone Price is very important and you may get a high-end smartphone model paying a price of a mid-range, it’s better to explore different stores before buying and checking brands and variety can help you get most out of your money.

Finally consider buying a smartphone from a reputed online store, as you may get a significant discount if buying online, it is always recommended to buy from stories that have customer reviews and enough feedbacks, as the existing customers can highlight critical issues with the device, so consider reading reviews.

Beware that google play and google services may no longer be supported in Chinese brands, so before you spend any money on them consider researching phone support with google products and services.