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Best Computer Games with Top Ratings, Reviews and Tips


What are the Best Computer Games with Top Ratings, Reviews and Tips?

Computer Gaming is the most popular hobby than any other sports or hobby in the world, Gaming has now become a sport for many, those days are gone when people tended to play offline because these days people can find a competition thanks to modern days multiplayer gaming and thrilling advancement in the gaming technology involved to give outstanding gaming experience.

  • There are few things to note before you decide to buy your next exciting new computer game, In this article, you will get an idea of how to buy computer games from online stores and readers will also find related gaming items.
  • The very first thing to note is to know about what gaming system you have, as some personal computers may or may not support the latest games and may require a special costly setup. If you want to play the latest game releases then you may need to upgrade your existing system into a better performer.
  • You may need to find a game that suits you, as some computer gamers prefer strategic games like Age of Empires, Warcraft, and Age of Mythology and while others require something with more action like Counter Stike, Hitman or GTA Vice City. If you are looking to play games with extremely high-end graphics and smooth gameplay then computer gaming is not the answer and its recommended to get a gaming console, such as the Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox.
  • After you have decided which game to get, then you must look for the hardware requirement to play that game, as computer games have different settings for playing the game, and you may be able to play with low to the high-performance configuration. No all the games have the option to tweak the performance settings, and if your device does not match the hardware needed then the game might not run properly.
  • The issue with computer games is that even if you have the right specs the game might just not work properly and may result in sluggish gameplay, the second issue with computer gaming is that you may get warnings and errors in the middle of games unexpectedly.
  • If you get a gaming console than you may have very few issues compared with a computer system, and your game may run butter smooth with the highest quality graphics.
  • A gaming computer system can cost thousands of dollars compared with a 500 dollars or less gaming console, some other cons about Computer gaming are that you may not get all the desired games as some game production companies only do a console release and pc gamers may have to wait until the PC version come to market.
  • Computer games are sometimes more difficult and costly to get from the local market compared with the gaming-consoles that can be bought with game bundles at a much cheaper price.
  • If you like to play some game because you have seen an Advertisement then it is highly recommended to watch the Gameplay for that particular game because many times the game differs than the advertised clip, these days games are advertised weirdly and have kind of an irrelevant advertisement to trick the gamers into buying the product.
  • You may have to find out the total time it takes to finish the game because often you may not get enough time to play a game, and it becomes time-consuming to finish it. You can find about the total gameplay by searching on youtube like ‘Game Name” Full GamePlay.
  • Finding the gameplay duration may tend to be a wise choice because often gamers have a mindset to finish the game they have just started, and that may become a hard task especially if the game requires hours and weeks to finish. After all, some games have very difficult challenges, and those may need hours to cross the level.
  • Another Interesting way to find a good game is by reading the reviews from the existing gamers, as there are plenty of gaming communities online where people can discuss different games. You can find various Gaming Forums where the gamers worldwide can share their opinions about the latest games and can freely rate or review them.
  • Sometimes you can find many offers on different gaming discs and devices, it is best to buy the games at the lowest price because in the end it’s just a game and you might finish it in a couple of days and no longer wish to play it again once done.
  • These Days Many Gamers sell their Games after they finish playing them, this way they can get extra cash for getting the new games that arrive. You may find interesting offers from other gamers and may find very cheap deals compared to the new ones.
  • Sometimes you may find a bundle of games and that may not contain the desired game in it but it can prove to be a better choice because you may get a variety of other games. It is best to look for top gaming deals before you tend to buy any game. Many people miss this step to check the latest deals and offer because they might be impatient to play certain games.
  • It is best to get a computer games online if you want to save some money on your purchase, its recommended to get an item from a reputable online store which has plenty of customer reviews and feedbacks, as the existing customers can give important information about the product which might not be available otherwise.