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Best Cloth Design Tools for Sale with Top Ratings, Reviews and Tips

cloth_design tools

What are the Best Cloth Design Tools for Sale with Top Ratings, Reviews and Tips?

Cloth Designing works requires some special tools and pieces of equipment, in this article you can find almost all the famous tools that are required by a fashion industry artisan.

  • Pads of Drawing Paper, these are rolled paper pads, some consider medium over smaller or larger size to save a reasonable space. These are less expansive compared to Individual Paper Pads.
  • Individual Paper Pads or Individual Paper Sheets, they are more expansive than the Drawing Paper Pads, they are used for special designs. They come in a larger size.
  • Textured Papers, Textured papers are used by different designers, some textured papers are soft and others rougher.
  • Smooth Papers, Smooth papers can be used for making a detailed Drawing, its good for shading and line strokes. This paper also comes as of a glossy material
  • Rough Papers are considered a better choice for using the pencils with a softer lead, most people often find that the smoother drawing materials are less suitable on a smoother paper but are fine on the rougher ones.
  • Bristol board, which is smooth and strong paper and is liked by most artists, it is of a heavier material which sometimes weighs up to 100 pounds or less, it may be good for detailed illustrations.
  • Drawing Paper is the basic type of paper for sketching and drawing shapes, it is a common type of drawing paper and is used by almost all professional artists.
  • Newsprint is the cheapest paper available and it is for very rough drawings, this type of paper becomes creased and wrinkled easily.
  • Tracing Paper is a transparent sheet of paper, which is used for testing and experimenting on existing drawings, it is placed over the existing drawing without altering and touching the original work.
  • Fashion Rulers are used for aiding the designs works, it is used for sketching purposes and also for creating a design on fabrics.
  • L Square is an instrument like a ruler that has inches and Centimetre on the same side, it is used for measuring the cloth dimensions against desired designer work needed.
  • Transparent Ruler, these are the rulers that are used for measuring and showing the inches and metrics, they are having pattern grading and can show inches in lengths, widths, and thickness. It is also called Clear Plastic Ruler.
  • White Bond Paper, Bond papers are the same that of printer papers, they have high quality and durability and may weight greater than 50 g/m2, these are mostly used for letterheads and are available at stationaries.
  • Tracing Wheel Tool is a pattern wheel and also called, pounce or dart wheel, it is used for transferring the sewing pattern markings from one fabric to another without using the tracing paper.
  • Measuring Tapes are very common types of cloth tape, it is used by every tailor for measuring the size of their customers, it is also used for measuring the cloth, it has two measurement sides that are inches and centimeter (CM).
  • Non-Adhesive Style Tape is a type of tape which does not stick to cloth for very long, It is not flexible and does not stretch, it looks like plastic and of paper material and can be torn easily via hands.
  • Adhesive Style Tape, these type of tapes are used to connect two fabrics together and is also used to hold the cloth in place by the cloth designers, it is also called double-sided tape.
  • Yardstick is a wooden large stick with inches on one side and centimeters on others, it is mostly used by tailors and fashion designer, it is used by different sewers, crafters and quilters.
  • Dress Form Body, is a fake human-looking body, it is used by designers for testing their dresses as they come in different body sizes, it is mostly used by designers to check the fittings, they are also used worldwide in a fashion retails for showcasing and displaying dresses for customers, they are of different types as of a full-dress-form-body and half-dress-form-body.
  • Pencils, like Blue Pencil, Red Pencil, these colored pencils are used for marking the special spots on a fabric like lengths, widths or sizes for alteration, these types of pencils are also erasable.
  • Mechanical Pencil, that has become very ordinary nowadays, they do not require a sharpener and are refilled using external leads, you may also be able to use different sizes of leads in a few types.
  • Pencil Sharpener is needed for sharpening the erasable colored pencils, It is a must-have if you frequently use a pencil for marking the fabric for alteration purposes.
  • Drafting Tables is a kind of table that has an adjustable sloped surface and is used by artists and sketchers for making designs and artworks.
  • Sewing Machines is the most common device in the textile and fashion industry, it is used for sewing pieces of fabric together and is present in almost every tailoring shop.
  • Needle Sets is needed as every fabric has its own strength and that is why different needles of varying sizes are required for completing and stitching the fabrics.
  • Clippers are needed to hand and hold the cloth or dress, many fashion artists rely on them for testing experimenting with their designs, the fabric is usually clipped with a clipper for demonstration.
  • The zipper is a piece of cloth which has various purposes like, it is used as an opening in purse and bags, and is used on pants and special dresses.
  • Colored Thread Sets are required for designing purposes, these can be special threads of different colors and material to make the final product or for stitching fabric that has a similar color, colored threads are used for themed stitches as the same colored scheme thread and cloth makes the stitch almost invisible to the human eyes.
  • Thread Spool Stand is needed to hand the thread, it is used for working in an organized way when designing clothes, a thread spool may be able to have multiple threads.
  • Pressing Cloth is needed as a necessity if you want to protect your cloth from the iron burns, it becomes an extra layer of protection against iron and helps to press the cloth without damaging the fabric from the iron sole, many people use old bedsheets for this purpose but one can find a more suitable blank pattern material for the job.
  • Seam Ripper is a small handy tool for removing the stitching from the cloth and is also used for cutting the fabrics.
  • Tailor Chalk is a specially shaped chalk that is used for marking the cloth for different purposes but mainly people see tailors using them when asked for alterations, these chalks these days come in different color bundles.
  • Coat Threads are some special threads for making good quality coats, these threads are having more strength and may deliver aesthetics and performance in the production line, these nowadays are developed with special chemical treatments that give anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties to the thread.
  • Specialty Fabrics are types of fabric that are made of textile fibers that are obtained from certain animals and flower plants and the most famous ones are wool, silk, camel hair, Goat Fur, and Cotton.
  • Pattern Fabrics that have special textures and designs, these fabrics are used for making different items like, bed sheets, shirts, or any cloth item.
  • Solid Color Fabrics are a type of fabric which is having only one color and is called solid color fabrics, these fabrics are used for making any type of cloth.
  • Muslin is a piece of cloth sheet that is used for different purposes in various professions but in dress-making, it is used for testing and fitting, the designers first sew their design with this inexpensive fabric sheets before cutting the actual real fabric which may be used for making the final product.
  • Pattern Paper is a paper which is used for making designs on the fabrics, it is needed for a designer work, these papers have artistic designs and is placed over the fabric for copy-tracing and sewing the pattern.
  • Fabric Shears are usually special Scissors that are used for cutting long or small pieces of fabric.
  • Scissors are used for cutting the pieces of fabrics, tailors and designers use different types of scissors for cutting the cloth, it is the most basic and common type of instrument, most people prefer the metallic scissors over the plastic ones for durability.
  • Dressmaker Pins are the small steel needles that are used for holding the fabric before they can be stitched or sewed, these are also called silk pins.
  • Cutting Mats are the specials sheets made of plastic it is mostly used for making products like carpets or mats, they have dotted square holes in them which are made so that a pattern is drawn and sewed upon them, after the designs are finished they are easily cut using any tool.
  • Curving Tools is an instrument used for drafting purposes, it used for drawing smooth curves of different radius, The most common types are French Curve Tool, Hip Curve Tool, Style Curve Tool.
  • Weights are the special shape instruments that are sometimes used for special purposes like cutting the fabric and for holding the fabric in one place.
  • Pins are used for packing the clothes, these are the ones we find when we get packaged clothes like a formal shirt, they are also used when sketching and designing the cloth.
  • Different types of Irons are also needed by the professionals and the most common types are the heated iron, steam iron, portable steamer, steam pressers.
  • Ironing Board is a table which is used for pressing the clothes with a cloth iron, these are usually of portable types and can be moved from one place to another easily.
  • Computer-Aided Design Softwares are needed for special designers work and the most famous types of software used are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • If you are willing to buy cloth designing tools then it is a good option to buy it from a reputable online store as, getting an item online can save you some money and may also provide buyer protection on a big selection of products.
  • It is recommended to get an item from those online stores which have plenty of customer reviews and ratings, as the existing customers can give you valuable insights that are not otherwise noticeable.