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Best Bluetooth headset for Sale with Top Ratings, Reviews and Tips

Bluetooth headset for sale

Buying a headset can be a really difficult task if you do not know which ones to buy, as some headset buying mistakes can cost you twice or thrice the cost of the actual headset itself because you may need to buy over and over again until you get the ones which may suit you the best.

Some say that there isn’t a perfect headset but that is not the case as the main challenge for the headset is to satisfy your want of  entertainment and comfort which is not a very tough job for any headset these days, there is absolutely large variety of brands making headsets and in reality anyone can get the ones they want easily unless that is not enough for you to get your job done.

Your unique passion is important to you, as everyone has different needs and wants and not one size fits all and for the sake of satisfying your special need you may need to buy a pair of headset which saves you time, money and enhance your productivity to the next level.

How does one gets the ultimate headset which will change your future prospects and satisfy your bluetooth needs, first of all you may need to consider few things, One is to identify why do you need your new headset for and is it really what you want and if so will that headset be under your budget or you can compromise a bit and buy the ones that is less functional and may give you poor performance.

Even though you have the right budget, you should consider asking yourself that will my mobile device support that particular headset or not and if so then is it worth buying and will spending few bucks shall give me the opitmal desired performance I need.

You may need to know where will you use that specific headset and for what purpose you are buying it for as some people get headset for special work, home or office and others for outdoor sports and some are music lovers or music enthusiast, other than these another category is out there which require the best headset for quality production and quality communicaton and these people are not willing to save a big bucks on purchase and these people can be some ultra rich personalties, some music producers or else special security workers looking for the best equipment out there in the market.

One thing to look for when buying a Bluetooth headset is the battery and the runtime, as getting a headset with less battery capacity can be a very risky thing as you may need a Bluetooth headset all the time so buying a headset with the higher battery and runtime is the best option, another factor is to look for the best brand for the job, as there special Bluetooth headset made for the very specific people for unique types of jobs so consider searching online for a headset that is relevant for the task you need to do.

Another thing to look for in the next level headset gear is to check what extra feature does it has that  makes it a worth to try and buy, some of the features to consider is the headset range as you may walk away from your phone here and there and may need a headset which has good range to support you when in motion at work.

Voice command is another feature to look for as voice command can be big support, for example if you are in a situation where you unfortunately cannot use your hands and then voice command can be a very handy feature at that time.

Surround sound is another great feature which can help you feel that you are there when communicating for long hours with friends and family or when listening to musc at chillout time, hd audio feature can enhance you conversation and communication to the next level as nobody wants a headset which does not give good quality audio, duel microphone is another feature which is very useful as even if you do lost the pair or one pair with mic, still you can talk with the other having similar mic.

Wireless feaure is another modern feature which connects headset not only with bluetooth but wireless as well and in some cases that can save more battery if your bluetooth is off, as running both the wireless and bluetooth can drain battery quickly, dial up network (DUN) is the feature to connect the network, handsfree profile (HFP) is a feature by which you can connect with any car or car device so when you are in the car, it allows to make a call or answer to the call instantly.

Synchronization Profile (SYNC) is feature that allows data transfer and data synchronization between various media devices and electronic devices it can be handy if you want to connect with your pc to control media playback from your bluetooth device, sometimes this function causes music on your pc to start automatically which might also creep you out a bit.

Object Exchange (OBEX) Protocol and feature that helps wireless divices to communicate and exchange data point between each other, it enable different technology to make them work for eachother like pairing for usages like SIM Access Profile.

(SAP) is another handy feature that enables devices to share the same network sim for example you can connect your bluetooth or mobile phone with cars and can choose contacts to call from the display screen of the car.

Another great feature to consider is the Headset Noise Cancellation feature that allows you to hear sounds with better clarity by making the background sounds silenced, this feature is very important for those working in a loud environment whether the office, home or outdoor.

Mic Quality is another factor that might motivate you to buy the headset as some people are talking over the phone 24 hours a day and require a better mic for communicating with clarity as it might be an important factor for your customers and overall communication aspects.

Another thing to watch out for is the Ear safety and overall design of the headset, you may need to know the comfort level of the headset when in the ear, on-ear, or over-ear, overall comfort is very important especially for those with longer usage hours as otherwise ear can be hurt and headset may cause injury and pains.

Another factor is to check the loudness and quality of sound and sound setting and features like Mono, Stereo, and HD Sound, and it is better to get the headset with these capabilities, as some smartphones have these setting which can be applied to the headset easily via settings.

Special Commands cannot be ignored such as voice control and touchless call and answer and buttonless volume controls, hearing aids for special people is also an important feature because anywhere in a lifetime one may experience blocked ear and disabled listening due to the wax buildup inside the ear, so special hearing aids such as extra loudness might come in handy someday.

One of the important factors is the headset pairing and connectivity capability, and those can be the features that uses a multipoint or multi-channel pairing, if your Bluetooth can connect with different operating systems or between various devices then it can be a very useful thing, for example connecting between apple device and android smartphone as well as with your computer systems such as laptops and notebooks.

Bluetooth weight should also be considered as wearing a few grams heavier headset can damage and cause pain inside or outside the ear, before buying you must also consider the style and color of the headset as you may get the headset that suits your getup and fashion style on daily basis.

Last but not the least is to consider getting the headset which has a longer warranty as these things can easily get damaged due to different reasons such as if the headset fell or stopped working caused by moisture inside headset because you went for a walk on a sunny day or else if someone stepped on it when it fell during a run on a track.

Lastly, another important factor is to read the reviews and feedback of the product by users on the product page, as feedback can be very valuable and can save you big time when buying stuff online or offline, it has been said that a word of mouth saves a thousand, so consider getting feedback and advice from your fellow relatives and friends.