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Best Bicycles and Bikes for Sale with Top Ratings, Reviews and Tips

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Buying a Bicycle can be a tough task especially if you need the one for your daily lifestyle, there are few things to consider before buying the right bike. Firstly one needs to identify the purpose behind the purchase as that may help you in making the buying decision.

One needs to know the types of bike that is needed, there are different types of Bicycles like, Mountain bikes that have Riser bar handle, Road bikes that have Drop bar handle, Hybrid bikes that have Flat bar handle, Cruisers may have Mustache bar handle or the one that is called the lifestyle bicycle which has gone retro these days with brighter colors and may have different types of handlebars.

Knowing the best bike body is also important as many kinds of bikes are made of different materials like Steel that is traditional but can become rusty especially due to rain, Aluminium that is naturally lightweight and rust-free, Carbon-fiber that is very lightweight, stiff and durable.

Bike Design is another important factor to consider as you may need a bike that suits your personality and looks daily, there are different bike designs like Sports bikes, Classic bikes, Casual bikes.

Bike Budget is a very important thing to note down as you may need a bike which may prove to be a good return on investment and saves you money, and time on travel.

You may need to check if you want the bike for Workout or Travel and Fast Travel or Far Distance, Think about riding track it is better to buy the ones that you can take anywhere.

Comfort check is a very important factor, as it is better to get the Easy ones instead of the harder ones especially if you are not an athlete.

Check the Seating and riding Posture, inspect the Saddle and Seat, see if it is narrow and firm or wide and soft, look if the seat has suspension or not.

Inspect the Handles, Peddles check, shoes, outfit, Brakes, Gears, Suspension, check the Bicycles weight and Carrying capacity, look for the accessories that come with it.

Bike Brakes are the most important ones to check, there are different types of Brakes like the Rim brakes that may be less effective if the rim is muddy and also damage the rim, Disc brakes which are placed onto the wheel hubs but are a bit complicated to replace, Coaster brakes which stops the bike and work when peddled backward but they may not be suitable when going down the hill, Drum brakes that are attached to the wheel hub and are of low maintenance type but if they wear out then the wheel along with the hub needs to be replaced.

One thing to consider is to buy from a Local store especially if you are a rookie and have enough budget. Buying online can be a wise decision if you are looking for something cheap, unique, and special like the ones that motorized and portable.

When getting the portable and motorized than you may need to know if the bike can handle your body weight or not. You may also need to check the quality of the bike and reviews.

Reviews are very important to check if buying online, so prefer getting the bike from those online stores that have good reviews and honest customer feedback.

If buying from a local store then perform a Test Drive to check if it runs smoothly at different terrains, and judge if it is comfortable, durable, and suitable for your daily lifestyle.